Name: Autumn Rank
Price: 15.99 USD



-> Description
>/ride -> ability to ride monster/animal/players.
>/condense -> condense item in inventory.
>/nick -> ability to change colour on nickname(you not able to change to diffname).
>/point -> send a particle toward a direction you looking at.

>/d creeper/skeleton/zombie -> ability to disguise into mobs.
>/colors -> able to view colors code.
>/pp -> player particle effect GUI.


1 Free VoteParty Key
1 Free Fish Key
1 Free Particle Package (1 set Effect & Style Key)

Autumn prefix in chat and tab
set home
 3 rows in /Backpack
⮞  Unlock /dback -tp back to death location

 Effect -> ambient entity effect,explosion (/pp)
⮞ Style -> spiral,sword (/pp) included premade.
⮞ Unlock supporter kit
3 listing on /ah
list 3 item in auction house